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Antique Bar Stools for Kitchen

Create more inviting atmosphere in your kitchen with antique bar stools. Sturdy wood is for sure to support durability with elegant finishes. I love the inspired vintage in black and cherry finishes. They create amusing visual interest into my kitchen design counter. If you are searching for a fine quality, then you can get a set of Tribecca Home Mackenzie.

No matter what kind of kitchen decorating style you have, the stools will certainly improve both look and feel. All color themes can be made to stand out with the antique stools. Trendy distressed finishes can definitely blend with the available decor especially in overall vintage styled look beautifully. The stools add tasteful design at significant value.

I have a set that includes 2 chairs that made of rubberwood. They are finished in antique black with cherry finish that warm. For a vintage looking stool, they are unique with 24 inch of seat height and dimensions in 22 inches wide x 42.75 inches high x 19.5 inches deep.

Wood and metal, there are different selections to pick from at local outlets. If you are looking for the antique bar stools for sale right from the owners at cheap prices, eBay is a wonderful place to start.