Large Clerestory Windows Idea


Clerestory windows are a large window or a series of small windows at the top of the high wall of the building. Often ride the walls clerestory on the adjacent surface. In a large building, such as a gymnasium or a train station, the window is the great choice to bring light into a large home. It may be for a smaller home gang narrow window along the top of the wall.

Originally, the word clerestory referred to the top level of a church or cathedral. clerestory window is a very versatile use of natural lighting historically. Clerestories gangs from the narrow window that runs at the top of the building, especially the Gothic churches. At present, although people tend to call window located higher than the average window “clerestory. In both cases, the goal was to integrate more windows to bring the outside light, fresh air, or both.

Clerestory windows are arranged in rows to create a strong band of light in the room. Usually they fixed it, but sometimes can be opened to create cross-ventilation modes. In addition, it can be opened manually, or integrated in the automatic control of the lighting system. Because the windows clerestory are usually very high, this is not compromising privacy in the same way that it was possible with the window, even though the curtains or blinds can be installed to control the temperature and light level.


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