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Layout Subway Tile Backsplash Option

Subway tile backsplash – Traditional subway tiles are rectangular plates that are twice as long as they are high. Most often seen as a 3-by-6-inch tile, has begun to subway tile made in other sizes and more elongated configurations which mimic the original 2-by-6-inch ring subway size. Along with these new designs will be the ability for you to use subway tiles on your backsplash in new and innovative ways. While you can always add tiles in an offset pattern, you can find another style that works better in your kitchen.

Rectangular tiles or subway tile backsplash can be laid out to create a herringbone pattern. This pattern can be used directly behind the cook top or anywhere along the backsplash. The pattern is made by adding a tile at a 45 degree angle to the disk. A second ring has its short end up as the bottom, long end of the first plate. Tile is then laid off by these two in a pattern of slightly offset V shapes that move across the backsplash, add details and subtle design.

Parquet patterns are perfect in kitchen backsplashes as they are made of subway tiles that are 3 to 6 inches in size. This is because most backsplashes are 18 inches in height, the parquet pattern may repeat three times from the disk to the cabinet. Add two subway tile backsplash on its side next to each other. Next to them were two subway tiles in length, on top of the other. Reverse pattern and build on top until you cover the space. This pattern can be used to cover the entire backsplash and works well if you use a mixture of glossy and matte tiles for additional depth.