How to Leave a Soundproof Ceiling

Soundproof ceiling – The upstairs neighbor coming noises are one of the biggest complaints of reasons today. Ideally treat the floor above, but as you are reading this article, chances are that your relationship with the neighbor is not the best. We will discuss a useful method to insulate your roof.

Remove the existing soundproof ceiling plaster. Why? The current cast is in close contact with the ceiling joists, and that’s not what we want. We want to attach the new plaster boards separately. You can consider increasing the mass (weight) of the sub floor above, adding heavy strips and plaster spackling. Screw strips directly on the bottom of the original sub floor. Take care not to use a very long screw!

Install an insulating fiberglass R19 type between the joints. This is a very common material to be found. You will not increase the quality of insulation to use exotic and expensive materials. There is no data to show that ideal is the use of expensive materials. In addition, there will be benefits in using something above R19. No other squeeze, as this compression can actually drive a vibration.

Install a resilient system at the bottom of the beams. You attach the gypsum boards to the system. This is usually one of several types of resilient clips and plaster scale channels soundproof ceiling.

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