Maintain Canvas Window Awnings As New

Maintain Canvas Window Awnings As New – In the warmer months, have installed some blinds on the windows, balconies or terraces is something almost essential, since they are the perfect allies to keep the sun at bay withstanding high temperatures, providing the necessary shade to our home. The acrylic canvas is the most common material we usually see in awnings, and usually have a half – life between 10 and 15 years, also depending on its quality, and the care and maintenance we have with him.

Keep canvas window awnings as the first day is not a difficult task, since all that with the necessary cleaning products we all have on hand at home and small maintenance tips that we are going to give and a little physical effort, we can have the clean awnings and in good condition, almost like the first day. In this article you are going to see some basic tips for maintenance of canvas awnings.

Clean or brush the canvas window awnings on a regular basis (weekly would be perfect) to remove dust and dirt that is being created with the passage of time. You can also vacuuming, if you easier. In turn, also we will clean zones metal or aluminum, to prevent mold formation. Treat stains as soon as possible, because the more time passes, the more it will cost to remove them. To remove stains from the canvas, always use a mild soap, washcloths and cold or warm water. And metal parts, it is advisable to use specific products for the metal. Forget clear areas of metal scouring pads or anything that may scratch the aluminum, we must always use a soft cloth, micro fiber for example, or very soft bristle brushes. If your awning came with instructions by the manufacturer, it never hurts to have a look, because depending on the quality of the awning can vary its forms wash.

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