Make a Clawfoot Tub Shower

top clawfoot tub shower

Make a Clawfoot tub shower – The elegance of a clawfoot tub lend a vintage look to a bathroom. Large, deep, freestanding bath, clawfoots is ideal for long, hot soak. There is a price for luxury, however: the inability to take a quick shower. Sure, you can add a shower unit to your bathroom – if you have the space – but it will destroy the ancient look of your tube. You can also buy a clawfoot tub shower enclosure – but in general a high price – and decipher the instructions. Instead, create your own clawfoot tub shower enclosure for smaller and fit it to your liking.

Make a clawfoot tub shower, measure the length of the clawfoot tub, from the outer edge to the opposite outer edge. Find the tub width similarly. Add about an inch to any dimension. If the shower wall is too narrow, it encourages the shower curtain to stick with you for a shower.  Attach PVC sections together, using PVC elbows between each tube in a rectangular or slightly oval shape. Place the hooks of your choice in the ceiling directly above the shower. Consider placement carefully. Run each hook in the ceiling, with the help of an anchor on the roof lacks the rafters or joists in place.

Hang a shower curtain from PVC pipe; put a shower curtain ring hooks and enclosing tube with hooks. Use a curtain per side of the tub, choose a curtain long enough to reach several inches in the bathtub and wide enough to cover the page with several inches extra. Alternatively, you can use a specialty clawfoot tub shower curtain wall, which measures the circumference of the shell – a combination of each page length – plus 10 to 15 inches for extra fullness. Arrange the curtain around the bathtub as desired.  Mount shower attachment in accordance with the product instructions.

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