Make Your Own Color Schemes of Rooms

Nice Color Schemes of Rooms

Color schemes of rooms – When you are designing a room in your home or office, one of the first steps in the design process is to decide on a color scheme. The way you put your colors together can affect more than the aesthetics of the room. The right combinations can also inspire the occupants of the room to be more productive, positive or reflective.

Note the basics of color theory when making their choices. Use, if possible, only two colors to form the basis of your color schemes of rooms. The choice of more than two colors can create a confused or agitated environment and negatively affect your decor. Examine a color wheel. According to the principles of color theory, the colors at opposite ends of the color spectrum complement each other.

Select the two complementary shades of colors you chose the color wheel. The shadow of a complementary color should be light, while the other complementary color should be dark. For example, yellow and blue are opposite each other on the color wheel; if you choose these two colors for your color schemes of rooms, you can choose a canary yellow light and a dark navy blue or a darker yellow, like burnt sienna and blue sky.

Use the lightest color schemes of rooms you chose for the walls and the darker color to trim the frames around the walls and doors.  Add curtains, bedding and other supplies that either the two colors are mixed in a pattern that are complementary or opposite color setting you chose for the room. Use medium and dark colored furniture (like mahogany) to add a sense of formality to a room, such as an office or living room furniture and light colors to create an informal and welcoming atmosphere, such as that it is in playroom for children.

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