How to Make Peel and Stick Wood Floor

Peel and Stick Wood Floor with Lock

Peel and stick wood floor – American Indians combined the resin of a tree known as Sap Pine, Pine Tar Brue or other natural materials and melted them over the fire to create a sticky substance and waterproof known as pitch glue. They used pitch glue to make coats and repair of arrows, tools, canoes and housing materials. Today, campers, hunters and other lovers of nature use rosin sizing same way, but mainly for temporary repairs and corrections.

Look for a peel and stick wood floor lump in the pines, spruces and trunks and bark of other coniferous trees. The resin accumulates in the wound shell, creating a natural barrier that protects the tree invasion of insects and diseases. Look for tar pine that hardened – it is easier to transfer and store. Fire hardened pine tar with a knife, screwdriver or putty knife. Accumulate as much resin as possible and store in a jar or can for future use.

Break the coal pieces of burnt wood. Place peel and stick wood floor on a flat rock or other hard surface finely grind them with a can bottom, ground stone or boulder. Repeat the process with the fibrous material or animal feces. Build a fire or Dakota fire hole. A Dakota fire hole flame produced more efficiently than a pit of fire and acts more like an oven, providing an area of ​​stable cooking.

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