Best Sliding Barn Door Kit

How To Make Sliding Barn Door Kit Hardware

How To Make Sliding Barn Door Kit Hardware – Sliding barn door is a method to control access and provide security for the area with a large door. Hardware can be purchased as a kit that includes rails and end stop and wagon wheels at the top of the sliding barn door. The sliding barn door will consist with wooden frame, and covered on both sides with a sheet.

To make sliding barn door kit hardware measure the opening. Cut the lane size, twice the width of the opening. Determine which way the door will open. Use a bolt pager to find the inner frame wall along the line. Place each bracket over the holes and screw sets screw the 3-inch treated deck on the wall through each hole in each bracket. Cut 2-by-4 wood to fit with vertically from the bottom of the track, then minus the height of wheeled carts, and ½ inches of ground clearance. Cut two, one for each outer edge. Place the two flat vertical 2-for-4 in a broad, parallel and spaced side, the length of the horizontal 2-for-4.

Cut two 2-by-4 to fit between top half 2-by-4, and the bottom of the top 2-by-4. Cover both sides of the sliding barn door kit with ½-inch plywood. Setting the door from the outside, centered in the opening. Screw the trim around the sliding barn door kit frame with plywood sheathing. Connect a car to every corner of the door, 6 inches from either side, with inside-flush with the inside face of the door. See hardware instructions that come with the kit for details, according to your brand. Slide the carriage to the left on the right end of the runway, rolling inward and lift the right edge of the door to slide the car right in slide stops on the track at each end and tighten the screws to keep instead.

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