Making a Vanity Makeup Mirror with Light Bulbs

Vanity Makeup Mirror with Light Bulbs and Stool

Making a Vanity makeup mirror with light bulbs works equally well over a vanity or bathroom sink. You must choose a mirror with a wide, flat wooden frame, preferably a square or rectangle, to mount the lights on. Your vanity makeup mirror with light bulbs can be installed on a wall with a plug and installation requires no help from an electrician, because the party lights are already fixed and ready for use.


Cut four pieces 2.5 by 5 cm (1 by 2 inches) timber – two to the same height as your mirror frame, two to width.  Make cuts with hours on the narrow edge. glue the mired ends of 2.5 to 5 cm (1 to 2 inch) pieces together to form a rectangle or a square of the same size on the outside of your mirror frame.

Remove the bulbs from the party lights and keep them safe. Count the number of lamps. Use a tape measure to mark evenly spaced slots for each lamp. Center them in the frame from the inside to the outside so that the bulbs are in the middle of the wooden frame. Measuring light fittings.

Fit a bulb socket in each hole from the back of the mirror. Start at the bottom corner. Install the lamp near the plug end of the string first, leave as much wire as possible free to relax mirror. Align each input in the next hole around the vanity makeup mirror with light bulbs. Install light bulbs to the outlet and turn the light string into a standard wall outlet to light up.

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