Interior barn door kits white

Making an Interior Barn Door Kits

Interior barn door kits – A Dutch door not only adds rustic charm in a building, serves a functional purpose as when installed in a horse stable. The door consists of two horizontal halves that open independently, improve safety when the lower section is closed and provide fresh air and sunlight in the position when the top is opened. The two opening sections also allow you to take your horse or cattle go faster, without taking the animals through the barn. Although Dutch wooden doors are commercially available, build your own to personalize the space available. Measure the width and height of the space where the door will be installed. The measures interior barn door kits as a guide, calculate the desired height and width for each door. Dutch barn door should be at least 4 feet wide and 7 feet tall. Make the upper door 3 feet tall and the lower door 4 feet tall. Let 1 inch 1/2 to 2 spaces between the two doors, the lower door and floor and top of the door and air beams. Compensate hinges and pin to determine the width of the door. Consider the measures.

Cut two 2 by 6 inches together long enough to match the width of the upper door using a saw. Place the tables horizontally on the floor, parallel to each other. Space them apart so the distance between them is equal to the height of the upper barn door. He saw two identical boards 2 by 6 inches to fit vertically between the horizontal joints to form a frame. I saw a piece of plywood 3/4 inches thick to match the measurements of the door. Arrange the vertical and horizontal pieces of 2 by 6-inch boards around the outer edges of the sheet of plywood. Attach the plywood to the wooden boards using galvanized screws 2 inches.

Put a length of wood 2 by 6 inches diagonally on the framework linking the sheet of plywood. Embosses wood and VI excess so that it fits snugly within the frame. The Board serves as a key to the door. Connect this board to the sheet of plywood with a row of screws No. 14. Put another 2-by-6 inches diagonally across the frame in the opposite direction to the previous knee. Brand along the ends of this table so you know how to cut. Mark where the board meets the above knee so you can see it in two pieces. VI both pieces from the board to the desired length and attach to the plywood with screws no. 14 to complete the top door. Cut four lengths of 2 by 8 inches together their desired measurements to form the doorframe of the second or lower. Repeat the process of joining the sheet of plywood to the structure and formation of support. Hang two doors to posts by two hinges each. Align the doors to open and close properly. Install locks on both doors and now you can make an interior barn door kits.

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