How do MDF Cabinet Doors

Practicality MDF Cabinet Doors

MDF cabinet doors – Make your own cabinet doors can be a quick and inexpensive way to improve the image of your kitchen without spending money on a designer. With some basic tools and some MDF boards, you can make new cabinet doors in a weekend, adding style and valuing their kitchen, still saving money.

Instructions do MDF Cabinet Doors: 1) Measure the openings of the cabinet doors and add 3 cm to the measures. Write them down on a sheet of paper, number each of them and the door opening, so you can know where the finished doors should be placed. 2) Cut doors MDF 2 cm thick. Sand the edges to remove any marks left by saw blades. Furthermore, sand edges on the back of the door where the sides meet the rear surface of the door. 3) Pass the milling machine to have a finish decorated along the front edge of the door, where the front surface meets the sides. For a small detail, to pass the machine once will have a good result, but for the larger or deeper detailing, you may need to pass it twice. 4) Remove splinters left by the milling machine, sanding them lightly. This does not mean erasing the detail, but just take a bit of shine to the paint stick to the best edges. 5) Apply the doors a base “primer” made specifically for MDF cabinet doors. Lightly sand the “primer” when dry. Apply two topcoats of paint, pass a fine sandpaper between one coat and another.

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