Measures to Lace Bed Skirt

Quilted Bed Skirt Lace

A measured lace bed skirt or skirt adds a finished look to a bedroom. The bed skirt can be made of fabric that coordinates with a quilt, quilt, pillowcases, or curtains, or it can be made of a neutral fabric. Bed edges are not hard to make, but the secret to success lies in an accurate measurement.

The flat top lace bed skirt. Measure the length and width of the top of the mattress. (For example, the average full-size bed measures 54 inches by 75 inches.) This measure will guide you in the preparation of a flat piece of fabric that will go between the mattress and the bed frame of which the actual bed of the skirt the hive will be sewn. It is also possible to use an adjustable sheet in the appropriate size for this step.

The length and width of the top flat section also determine the width of the pieces the hive should be. A lace bed skirt requires two side pieces and one piece for the foot of the bed. (The average full-size bed would need two 74-inch pieces and a 54-inch piece.) Multiply each measurement by two for a very full collected flyer or by a multiplication of the hive gently picked up for a year and a half. Gather adjusted to the desired width to suit the measurement of the bed.

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