Miniature Winding Staircase

Winding Staircase Design

Winding staircase – Winding staircases are elegant, something unusual piece of architecture that you do not often see as part of the dollhouse furnishings. To find one to buy can be difficult, but you can create your own miniature winding staircase. The structure of a winding staircase looks more complex than it really is, which makes it relatively easy to assemble with the right tools and techniques.

Create a cardboard pattern of stairs. Sketch an equilateral triangle that measures 2 1/2 inches at its base and 3 1/2 inches tall. And then, Cut out the pattern. Cut pieces of stairs. Use paper patterns and pencil to trace the shape of the craft planks 20 times. And then, use bladders to cut out these pieces. Bore pencil through holes in each of the winding staircase bits to threaded holes. Using the router attached to the oscillating power tools, cutting from the middle of each hole.

As a result, Wooden stairs on the plug, poking pin through each of the round holes you just made. Put on your gloves. Mix epoxy putty according to the manufacturer’s instructions. Attach the stairs in place with epoxy putty. Roll a small ball of putty large enough to fill every hole in each stepped paragraph. Stick each step in place on the plug. Space for stairs out a half inch from each other. And then, damn them gradually to form the winding staircase. Finally, Allow the epoxy to set and harden completely.

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