Decorate With A 1930’s Mirrored Vanity Table

Beautiful Mirrored Vanity Table

Decorate With A 1930’s Mirrored Vanity Table – Even the Great Depression ravaged the country in the 1930s, it was also a glamorous, dramatic time. Get furniture reflects the style of the time and a mirrored vanity table. Like the starlets of the past, you can sit in front of it and apply thick kohl liner luxury or style your tresses, or simply use the table as a decorative element. Vanity table from the 1930’s is constructed of luxurious wood such as maple or oak. Additional decorative details will make vanity table blend seamlessly into your room, making it a functional, fun place to dress and prepare for your day.

Decorate with a 1930’s mirrored vanity table with hang two black and white art deco prints on each side of the main mirror, above the wing mirrors. Vanity tables from the 1930’s usually have rounded mirrors. Hang small metallic wall pieces in a structure on a side of the main mirror. If vanity is asymmetrical, focus on the side with the smaller mirror. It will balance the art. Look for brushed gold, silver or bronze. If you can match the hangings to the drawer pulls on the vanity table, even better. Stencil five music lines on the wall midway between the highest point on the mirrored vanity table and ceiling.

Hang the art-deco-inspired wall lights in the sea foam, light pink, white or yellow to decorate with a 1930’s mirrored vanity table. Choose lamps with bendable arms so you can control the lighting to your face. Hang two clean, frilly curtains on either side of the vanity table. Positioning it between the two windows is best because it will give natural light to help you get ready – but hanging a curtain rod at a blank wall also provides the right look. Select floor length curtains in a shade that matches your lights. Find a polka-dotted pillow for your vanity seat and match it to the carpet under your chair. Do not stick with black and white – go with the color of your room. Natural tones look great with wood of the 1930s mirrored vanity table. Add furniture made of the same wood vanity table. This will pull up the appearance of the room.

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