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Mirrored Vanity Tray Ideas

Great Mirrored Vanity Tray

Mirrored vanity tray – A dressing room is a personal space to change clothes. If you find yourself behind the scenes in a broadway theater or suburban home, a dressing room should reflect the style and taste of the person who uses it. Vanity is usually the centerpiece of furniture in a dressing room. Decorating a dressing table can give a complete personal touch dressing and make it beautiful.

A dresser is incomplete without a mirror. Mirrored vanity tray does not have to be just a simple sheet of glass. Light up the room with a mirror surrounded by an elaborate Victorian style frame or a simple black frame with beveled edges. If a boring mirror happens to be a permanent fixture in the locker room, dress it up with a border of small frames, lights or other elements.

Because mirrored vanity tray is used to brand and get ready, it can be invaded by beauty products and makeup. Instead of letting these trinkets clutter the vanity lid, it can be used as a decoration. Save the products, soaps and a hair brush arranged on a classic silver tray. Perfumes are seen when placed in glass bottles of different sizes and shapes. Ugly cosmetic products can be stored away on the dresser or in a small drawer that hides beneath the vanity.

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