Modern Jalousie Windows Design


Jalousie Windows – It is common for older homes with the horizontal section to be split, which opens and closes in the corner window. While it is not popular nowadays as they used to be, effective ventilation window blinds in the home, offering benefits that modern homeowners in warmer climates will appreciate in.

Jalousie windows are like the shingles or siding. Cover the top of the slide down by a slide down on it, and the cycle continues all the way up. As was running crank, the bottom of the blade stops more than one party and created an opportunity. It can be completely horizontal creating almost a scene from the outside.

Most of jalousie windows will take advantage of the plate glass window, and choose a private modern. But some of them use aluminum panels, or other solid material to make more durable frame. It’s still a good solid plate opening and makes an appearance because of the way they are opened. If you want to keep the window open during the storm, you will have the window curtains. As awning window, blades help repel rain and keep the weather out. This is also allowing you to make the cold wind storm without soaking the ground and other surfaces around the windows.


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