Modern Terracotta Floor Tile

Top Terracotta Floor Tile


Terracotta Floor Tile – Rustic terracotta tiles throughout the house. Unique beautiful surface that will last and last. Some terrcota tile is made ​​by a special clay, which is needed and fired, thereby creating a hot, convenient tile which can be used in virtually all living quarters. In earlier times, terracotta typically used in monasteries, churches and castles and estates.

Typical terracotta floor tile have a surface that just gets prettier and prettier with age. Terracotta tiles are a very special floor and wall tile in our large assortment of ceramic tiles and we feel very near. The English word for terracotta is Fired Earth and this tile has for many years been one of the fixed elements in our tile assortment. The handmade terracotta tiles is quite a unique product, with all tiles are handmade, and there will be no two tiles are alike.

Handmade terracotta floor tile has its origins in an ancient craft, where you now have for centuries produced floor and wall tiles with great perfection. Initially process removes all physical and chemical impurities from the clay. The clean tiles then cast individually into frames where they are then left to dry in the sun before they may be glazed and later burned.

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