New Painted Staircase Spindles

Staircase Spindles Designs

Staircase spindles – Painted spindles add a nice touch to a staircase. But if the color painted does not match your decor, you may consider adding some personality. There are two ways to go about redoing the spindles. The quick way, if you want a weekend DIY project. Is to simply clean, prime and paint the spindles. This will give you quick results, but the wood grain and texture will not show through. And then paint may appear coarse plastered. To do the job well, you’re going to need some elbow grease and a lot of patience.

How to paint staircase spindles? The first, sand paints the shafts using an orbital sander. Sixty sanding paper will remove the paint. After all the paint is off, sand again with the 120. And then the 220 grains for a smooth finish. You’ll want a small orbital sander for this project with a tip to fit any detail work carved into the shafts.

Then, RUB down the axles down with a dust block to remove dust and vacuum from the room to remove dust from the floor. Coat each shaft with a primer coat and allow the primer to dry completely. Coat the staircase spindles with two layers of your desired paint color, allowing the paint to dry between layers.

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