Nice Window To Window Scarf


Window scarf – If you’ve ever tried to hang scarves window then you know how frustrating it can be to control the fabric while draping swags. Starting with the right fabric, the required length for your windows and use a stick you can pin folds into simplifies the scarf hang anything.

Start with window scarf with the right fabric, which has a soft hand and flowing curtains. It can be silk or satin, or solely, or even a light chenille. It is important however that the two sides draw; in the process of draping both the front and back of the fabric could end up showing. That is why sheers frequently used; both sides of the thin look the same. If you have a pattern fabric, print direction will change as you hang up the veil?

In the case of lines or boxes they will appear in the corner on window scarf and run vertically in a waterfall. If the pattern includes images such as a tree, the tree could end up-side down on the spot. It is a good idea to avoid patterns that have a direction. Having a scarf the right size is important. If too long, it can be difficult to manage and end up looking sloppy; not enough fabric and will look skimpy. To establish long, first decide how many swags or loop you want to have. This is partly determined by the size of the window.

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