Oil Rubbed Bronze Ceiling Fan

Idaes Oil Rubbed Bronze Ceiling Fan

Oil rubbed bronze ceiling fan – For people who want to install a ceiling fan in their hotel rooms, but do not have a sufficient distance between the floor and the ceiling, you can find their address Hugger ceiling fan. This unique type of fans in such a way that the blade is designed from the floor almost to stick close to the ceiling. This design works well as a low ceiling.

A large number of attractive and stylish designs of Hugger fans can be seen from some of the Web sites of vendors. Here are some that may be of interest to you. This model comes in a brushed nickel finish and easy to assemble and install oil rubbed bronze ceiling fan compared to conventional fans. It is also available in white and rubbed oil bronze finish. Some of its main features is a 3 blade 14-degree pitch and 44-inch range, 153mm, engine, 3 speed reversible control of 15 mm, light kit, and a 6-inch lead wire. Flush mount has the ability to and evaluated in a dry place.

This model offers the power of a whisper-quiet and white design architecture oil rubbed bronze ceiling fan, which allows you to smoothly pass into the ceiling. The hotel has 5 blade architecture white finish with 15 degrees of pitch and range 52-inch, 3-speed, reversible 188mm 20 mm motor control, which comes with a limited lifetime warranty and other replacement remote control.

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