Option for Using Brushed Nickel Door Knobs and Pulls

Antique Brushed Nickel Door Knobs

Brushed nickel door knobs – Over the past two decades, the nickel has become a common material used for hardware and fixtures in home furnishings. However, nickel is not the only contemporary materials suitable for home decoration. If you want an alternative to the brushed nickel door knobs, several other hardware materials is just as eye-pleasing and functional as nickel.

Polished brass and antique brass are two alternatives to nickel can be used to decorate. Polished brass has a paint sealant to protect it from tarnishing. If you want a hardware options are luminous, polished brass is a good option. Brass is golden in color, while nickel is closer silver. Antique brass treated with a black coating brushed to create an Old World appearance. Antique brass then lacquered to prevent discoloration and staining. If you want a traditional or old world appeal, choose polished or antique brass faucets, hinges, light fixtures, ceiling fans, door knobs and decorative accessories.

Stainless steel is one of the closest hardware materials for nickel. Both stainless steel and nickel has a bright, silvery appearance; however, brushed nickel door knobs duller than stainless steel. Stainless steel is a popular decorative material because it is not weather, fade or stain over time. If you want to decorate with a modern vibe, choose stainless steel accessories to coordinate with your modern motifs. Knobs, handles, fittings, faucets, towel racks and equipment are all popular in stainless steel.

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