Outdoor and Indoor Chaise Lounge Chairs

Folding Chaise Lounge Chair Design

Indoor chaise lounge chairs – The chaise lounge interior is quickly becoming a familiar sight in the homes of many people. This furniture can look like both a sofa and chair, depending on the size and style you choose for your home. Traditional styles can be longer and provide more living space. These chaise lounges usually have a turn at one end and one or two side arms shorter. Modern style indoor chaise lounge chair scan be a variety of different shapes and sizes. Both traditional and modern contemporary styles are available in leather, fabric or microsuede covers. The chaise lounge inside typically ranges from 61 inches to 71 inches long.

The outdoor chaise lounge is a popular piece of furniture for lounging around pools, picnic areas or patios. These are available in a myriad of styles, shapes and sizes. They can be made completely of wood, plastic, wicker, metal or even a combination of several different materials. Since outdoor, which are designed to be rugged and withstand a variety of weather conditions are used. Different with indoor chaise lounge chairs, outdoor chaise lounges are also available at various levels including reclining, not reclining, multi-rested and fully reclining.

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