How to Paint Asbestos Ceiling Tiles

Acoustic Asbestos Ceiling Tiles

Asbestos ceiling tiles – The old asbestos tiles in your home they are not dangerous, unless you start breaking them, scratch them or damage them in any way. This can be a problem in time to paint the exterior of the house. Usually, you have to scrape the old paint, but does it with asbestos can release dangerous particles in the air. Prepare the asbestos tile for the new paint requires a softer feel, with plenty of water to avoid raising dust around the tiles.

The steps to paint asbestos ceiling tiles: 1) Place the ladder on Score top of the house. Place the mask. Climb the ladder with rough brush and hose with the spray hose on medium-high position. 2) Wet the top of the tiles. While the water is still running, rub the area with your brush, removing all dirt, debris and peeling paint. Continue watering the area while you scrub. Do this throughout surface you can achieve, and then move the ladder and continue the process throughout the roof. 3) Let the paint asbestos ceiling tiles surface dry for at least two days. 4) Apply a thick layer of primer exterior acrylic, again starting from the top and going down. Be sure to completely cover all sides of all tiles. 5) Let the primer dry for a day, and then paint with a latex paint for exteriors.

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