Paint Garage Door Window Panels

Garage door window panels – First, apply painter’s tape. Cover the edges of the glass, where they meet in the woods completely. Then, pour higher gloss paint in a paint skuffen.Dye a flat three-inch acrylic paint brush in the paint and start painting door panels around the window glass first.

Overlap painter’s tape, with paint. On the edges of the glass, creating a sell at garage door window panels. Tape is removed you want to make sure that the paint covers all three, up to the edges where the wood meets glass. Next, paint the entire door panel after area near glass. Reach the hard part is done, paint the rest of the panels is as simple as dip the brush in the paint and use the up and down strokes.

Complete the rest of the door after the panels are malt. Do it using up and down strokes, until the whole door is covered with paint. Last, turn the door over and paint the other side to follow the same procedure. Wait paint to dry overnight before removing the painter’s tape. Tips & warnings to paint garage door window panels: Choose a semi-gloss or gloss paint to paint the panels at your door. Use a pair of thin gloves to protect your hands. Using a thin mask to avoid breathing harmful paint fumes.

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