Paint Interior Six Panel Door

Six panel door – Six-panel doors can be horizontal, the doors are usually solid core, especially the elderly, and so they reduce noise better than modern hollow-core doors. The panels, visible on both sides, rose rectangular, surrounded by narrow framework and set into the door, filling the area between the upper rails and the side panels of the door.

Paint interior six panel door, set the door, interior side up and all hardware removed on two saw horses in a work area or garage. Place a dust sheet or tarp under the door. Vacuum up dust or chips of old paint. Paint the door with a coat of acrylic primer. Use a light color if you are planning a light overcoat. Mal panels first, and be careful not to let the paint pool in frames around the panels. If the paint does not pool around the perimeter of a panel between the panel and the frame, remove the excess by thinning the common paint with a small dry brush – feather away from the center of the panel. Wipe dry brush on paper or a clean cloth to remove the paint from thinning edges stroke. Paint all six panel door before moving on to the rest of the door.

Paint interior six panel door, Paint the rest of the door in the following order: center stile, the horizontal rails, the outer stiles and finally the outer edge, all around. Let the paint dry according to the instructions on the can. Some primer to dry to a hard surface in as little as two hours. Apply color paint you have chosen for the door interior. Use the same method you followed when applying the primer. Let this coat to dry for 24 hours. Leave the door to dry overnight again. Replace any hardware when the paint is completely dry. Re-hang a door that was removed from the frame for painting.

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