Paint Outside Bamboo Window Shades

Bamboo Window Shades and Curtains

Bamboo Window Shades – Bamboo blinds or window shades typically come in a handful of neutral-looking shades that let your home decor shine. Replacing the blinds for new pieces of a different color is expensive. Painting bamboo shades is a cheaper option. Before painting, choose the colors you want for the new blinds. Using paint specifically developed for outdoor use. Outdoor paint contains certain additives that protect the paint color from exposure to the sun and other outdoor elements. If you plan to add any decorative items or designs to the finished shades, sketch the design on a sheet of paper and keep nearby. Place blinds on a flat surface and keep the blinds flat in the painting process. Wipe any dust or dirt from the blinds with a damp cloth before painting.

When you paint the bamboo window shades, use a wide artist’s brush. Male across the grain, and make sure that you fill the bamboo natural grain of the paint. Wait until the first coat to dry and applying another coat, if needed. When you add the second layer, work from the opposite end of blinds, which lets you turn any places you may have missed with the first coat.

Green Your Decor shades painted design added to the top of the existing shades, rather than painting shades altogether. Use a small brush and a broad brush when you add a design, whether you leave the blinds as-is or paint blinds a different color first. Create your design with a smaller brush, just make a sketch of the design for bamboo window shades. Go back over design with larger brush, fill areas.

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