Painting Ideas for a Wrought Iron Stair Railing

Used Wrought Iron Stair Railing

Wrought iron stair railing – The traditional black wrought iron finish works best in the Mediterranean, Spanish or Moroccan themed rooms where Old World craftsmanship. And natural materials used routinely. Black wrought iron provides a simple but elegant accent to fit with quality fabrics and dramatic design that is often use in stair railing styles.

An elite look of wrought iron is to with use an antique gold finish or antique brass. You can achieve this for antique wrought iron stair railing look by first preparing railing as recommended. As a top coat, a corrosion-inhibiting dark gold or dark brass spray paint. Spread drop cloths to avoid getting paint on nearby surfaces. Spray PRIMES railings with topcoat color and let it dry thoroughly. Give the surface a second coat of paint to withstand wear.

Wrought iron stair railing also aplenty for outside railing. Decorative Swirling design, straight rails and other designs are available. Iron is long lasting and may be used alone or combined with wood, glass, stone and other materials. Wrought iron is widely available in black, silver and white. If you have old wrought iron railings that need updating, spray paint them with rust-friendly paint in neutral or dramatic color depending on the color and style of the house.

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