Parquet Flooring Tiles Installations

Modern Parquet Flooring Tiles

Parquet Flooring Tiles Installations – Parquet floors add elegance and style to any room. Parquet flooring works in wood and concrete floors. When building a new home or remodeling an old house put parquet floor tile is a great way to see the wood without the hassle of wood.

To install parquet flooring tiles the first you must prepare the room, Remove all baseboards and trim around the floor. Open a window or place a fan in the room for air circulation. Spread the adhesive on small areas using the trowel. Estimate the time required to expose the tiles before the adhesive is dry. The general rule is: a tile equals one minute. Place the first tiles in a corner of the grid intersection on the floor. Align the edges of the tiles with grid lines. Place the second tile against the first. Bed the tiles into the adhesive hitting them with a rubber mallet.

Measure and cut partial parquet flooring tiles are needed to fill the space between the strips expansion and tiles. Place a tile on top of the last record set. Place the strip against the wall expansion. Place a third tile on top of the second tile and push until it reaches the expansion strip. Set the tail overnight. Follow the instructions provided by the company to install expansion strips. Replace the baseboards and hang the doors. Place the sockets on the same walls where are removed.

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