Pattern Basketweave Floor Tile Ideas

Basketweave Floor Tile Picture

Basketweave floor tile – If you’re looking for an interesting tile pattern for your next renovation project, consider an old standby – the basket weave. The basket weave mimics the simple under and over pattern that is used to weave lengths of reed in the making of a basket. The tile pattern is to be found in a pre-packaged product or mosaic made with the aid of squares or rectangles of tile.

Traditional basketweave floor tile pattern mimics the same pattern often seen using bricks and can be described as two rectangular stone juxtaposed vertically, followed by two horizontal rectangular stone – the same size placed together as the vertical – in a checkerboard layout -out. This kind of basket weave is ideal for rooms with lots of exposed floor space such as a living room or playroom. Tile size 3 inches 6 inches or 6 inches x 12 inches are ideal for use in a large basket weave pattern.

Two different colors, such as an off-white and green or brown and golden yellow make a visually distinct basket weave pattern. With the help of two similar basketweave floor tile colors, such as brown and tan allows for a more subtle effect. A single color used to add in the basket weave pattern texture on a floor with a two – or three – color pattern also works disturbing.

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