Pella Sliding Glass Doors

Modern Pella Sliding Glass Doors

Pella sliding glass doors – Pella sliding patio door allows you to enjoy the unobstructed view outside the House. You can have the door installed by a professional or do it yourself. These tasks are simple and suitable for those with little experience in do-it-yourself home repair or construction. Take a look at the rough opening. Place a level on the top, bottom, and sides of the hole to make sure it is level and Plumb.

Make sure that the correct size of the pella sliding glass doors. Measure from side to side at the top, Center and bottom opening with a tape measure. Measure the rough opening from top to bottom, left and right and in the middle of the hole. The hole should be 1/2 inch larger than the door. Select the door out of the packaging. Slide the moving Panel and remove the spacers on the top and the bottom of the Panel. Lift the Panel ventilation the bottom line and fold the bottom of Fame to remove it.

Installation place the clips on the frame of door 6 inches from each end and less than 16 inches on Center. Slide the clip into the Groove of the head on the doorframe. Enter through the pella sliding glass doors opening. Someone has to help in carrying out this step. Lift the door, and place in the bottom of the hole. At the bottom of the door is not fully in place. Tilt the door placed in position on top.

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