Popular Corner Window Curtain Rod

Corner Window Curtain Rod Living Room

Corner window curtain rod – When designing a treatment of curtains for a corner window, right steps are crucial to overall treatment to fit window. There are some window treatments that lend themselves better to corner than others, and if measure if that were not enough, treatment can still be adjusted.

Any treatment that is mounted on a table that is not a cornice box is usually only stapled on board and can be adjusted if treatment is too broad, but if it is too short, then it is more difficult to correct. Corner window curtain rod visually enlarges a room by removing function room corner. By dressing in shades, to enhance rather than hide their corner windows and add privacy, isolation and control of light into space.

One of the most popular styles of a corner window curtain rod mounted on a board is the garlands and waterfalls with jabots. Booty is a piece of material having folds therein and can be individually stapled to a board. The waterfalls are what cascading hang on the sides. A Chorrera is similar to a waterfall, but falls into the corner of the window and is shorter than a waterfall. The reason that this treatment works so well for corners is because it falls on the corner of Chorrera and covers the area where the two boards. Another treatment is a Kingston valance mounted on a board. The Kingston is very similar in design to loot, but is harvested up instead of folds and can be done with individual pieces of material and then stapled on the plate. The corner can also be covered with a straight Chorrera. The look of these treatments is elegant and timeless.

Bay Corner window curtain rod can look more beautiful with blinds or curtains. Window treatments can block or filter the light, providing privacy or simply adding decorations to the room. Measure your window for the curtain rod loops or corner is not complicated. You only need a tape measure and a pencil.

First, the sign on your wall with a pencil where you want the rod to end clothing merchant. Assuming you has a window of three parts, measure from where you marked on the left side into the first corner. Then measure from the first corner of the second bend. Furthermore, the second measure of the angle in which you marked on the right side. This measurement is a measurement of your wall. Next, take another measuring tape or rope and laying on the floor between the two pencil marks you.

If you have more than two angles, you can continue to measure areas as described above. You will have several measurements and more a part of the stem. When marking the spot where you want the rod to the end, are sure and keep in mind finials. If you want decorative finials at the end of your rod, you will need to make sure that you have enough space to add their finials.

A manufacturer of custom rod angle can take measurements of a wall to make your rod. Brackets will be required to hang your curtain rod. Depending on how long your part of the stem which dictates how many brackets you need. You will usually need at least one bracket per corner beside one bracket at each end of the rod.

Corner window curtain rod can be produced in several different ways. One of the most popular ways is to have a stem for each section and connect them using welded connector at the correct angle. Corner rods can also be welded or attached together at right angles in one piece. This is only feasible for shorter rods because in one section.

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