Industrial Ceiling Fans Type

Very Powerful Industrial Ceiling Fans

Industrial ceiling fans – Industrial fans used to move stagnant air, to cool air and to reduce moisture in large industrial areas. This type of fan would be found in major department stores, plants, distribution centers and other large industrial buildings where temperature and humidity must be controlled. There are many types of industrial fans, which may be mounted in roof or walls of building or free-standing models that can be placed in an area that requires more air circulation.

Industrial ceiling fans are like housing ceiling fans as they mount to ceiling of building, but they will have larger wings and engines that are able to move much more air faster. An industrial ceiling fan is decorative and will have more stable medal blades instead of decorative wooden blades that are in solid ceiling fans. This type of fan is primarily designed to add thermal comfort and to add ventilation to large parts of a building.

Beside industrial ceiling fans, Wall fans is also a good choice for industrial use, because they are very efficient and do not take up precious floor space, because they are built into wall of building. Wall fans are very powerful and are able to move a lot of air. Effect of wall blows comes from two parts. First, knives are designed as those of a jet engine, and second, large direct drive motors. Drive mechanism can be either a belt or drive-shaft.

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