Flexible Ceiling Curtain Track

Preparing Ceiling Curtain Track to Place Curtain

Ceiling curtain track – A dropped ceiling has rectangular grids and pieces of ceiling panels placed on top of them. Ceiling tiles can have sufficient strength to support the weight of the curtains, so you need special hardware to hang curtains from a dropped ceiling. Loosen the screw from a curtain track dropped ceiling clips. Push aside the ceiling tile where you want to install curtains.

Hook, one half of the ceiling cut into the side of ceiling skeleton and do the same with the other half. Align the screw hole in a ceiling curtain track cartridge with holes in the ceiling clips. Put the screw through the holes that are aligned and tighten it against the ceiling skeleton holding clip and the cartridge in place. Continue fastening ceiling clips and cartridges for ceiling grids, following the path of curtain track.

Put the ceiling curtain track. Push the track into the openings in the cartridges you have installed in the ceiling. Insert one end of a curtain hook into a hole in the curtains and continue until you attach the curtain all hooks. Put the other end of all hooks to the track. Continue inserting the hooks until you are ready to hang curtains.

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