Pretty Stairway Wall Ideas Decor

Best Stairway Wall Ideas

Stairway wall ideas – You can showing pictures of your grandparents, grandfather grandparents and other relatives is a way to honor your ancestors. Buy frames that fit the images: Select ornate frames for formal photos, simpler framework for everyday pictures. Arrange photos in chronological order, with the oldest and working up to more modern times. This creates a conversation piece and a compelling wall display.

For a funky look, hang empty frames on the wall. Many pictures are beautiful on their own and themselves a work of art. Or take 5-7 simple wooden frames and follow them together to create a geometric pattern. You can also hang your pictures on your immediate family, friends and favorite activities for stairway wall ideas. Hang the children’s school pictures, make a collage of favorite pictures, or view pictures from the trips you have taken.

You can buy matching frames. But many prefer to use frames in different forms, colors and sizes create a more eclectic look. You can mix mirrors with photos of your ancestors and empty frames. Or children’s drawings hang alongside family photos to decorate stairway wall ideas. Just make sure there is a common thread to get everything together. Such as the color or style of frames. So that your staircase wall look as appealing as the rest of your decor.

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