Door Window Curtain Panels

Pretty Window Curtain Panels

Window curtain panels – Large picture windows can visually dominate a space, and therefore it is important to carefully choose style of curtains you use window. You must decide whether to preserve view and natural light, or if you are more interested in privacy. This decision will greatly affect time of curtains you choose.

Swag sheaths consisting of draping fabric over window curtain panels rod at an angle so that ends of fabric flare out in opposite directions. Then fabric is cinched to ends of curtain rods and hangs down on each side of window. For a slightly more complicated design valance add more pieces of fabric and making them overlap. To get a formal effect, use a deeper color fabric to wrap around curtain rod and have a lighter but similar colored piece of cloth hanging down to floor. A swag valance will add to overall design of room and emphasize a large picture window, without limiting amount of natural light or impede view.

Add accents like buttons for both design and function window curtain panels. You can engineer buttons to help change design of sheer scarf treatments. Sew a button halfway up outside of an existing window scarf and a small loop at hem to ensure hem around button for a different effect. Use buttons of contrasting colors to make these new additions really pop. Advantage of using a sheer scarf on a large picture window is that it will not block a lot of natural light a room from a large window, but still provides some privacy.