PVC Wainscoting Decor Ideas

PVC Wainscoting Ideas

PVC wainscoting – Recently decorative wall panel has become one of the most popular material for interior walls. This is understandable. The low cost of the wall panels and light meat of this makes the panel very attractive to consumers. Wall panels are perhaps the most simple and “clean” way to finish the interior. In addition, to cope with such a surface can also amateur.

Calculate the amount of material and length of the wall PVC wainscoting with a tape, and dividing the resulting figure by the width of the panels. If measurements must be taken into account as the size of the door and window openings. The value must be subtracted from the length of the wall already. Separately, make an estimate of the areas under the windows and above the door and windows. The length of the panels should be selected based on the height of the ceiling in the room. The number of components should be calculated on the basis of the characteristics of the trim door and window openings, and the number of internal and external corners of the room.

Prepare PVC wainscoting and tools. Remember that when you unpack the package with the wall panels are not recommended to pull out the panel pack, codetta can lead to scratches on his face. Prepare the required number of strips for the drawers. For installation of plastic panels recommend using galvanized metal parts.

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