Raised Floor Tiles Design

Raised Floor Tiles Ideas

Raised floor tiles – Registrable technical ground, is a freestanding modular system consisting of five clearly defined parts. It is the face of this passable and its composition is subject to a wide range of materials, high pressure laminates, natural woods, PVC, granite, marble, ceramic, carpets, etc. Party does not require aesthetic quality but also has various options; Kraft laminated melamine and anti moisture, sheets of aluminum or galvanized steel.

Raised floor tiles, product thermos adhered to the tile ensuring secrecy and calibrated to this end, usually made ​​of PVC or ABS materials. And a wide range of colors. It is undoubtedly the most important part of the tile can be made ​​with different materials, wood particles high density, sulfates or inert materials.

They are the footholds where you rest raised floor tiles, made ​​with elements of high strength steel and pvc elements can be tied to each other with crossbars that provide more technical ground resistance. As you know, the raised floors are one of the most practical and versatile solutions for configuration as any space, facilitating its use in the conditions offered. With pavements that we offer from Teide floors, you will have your facilities as equipped as desired with the best guarantees and total customization.

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