Reclaimed Wood Floors Tips

Design Reclaimed Wood Floors

Reclaimed wood floors it comes to wood, which is old can become new in the hands of artisans and those who enjoy tinkering. Anyone with an idea can give the wood restored a second chance and another life. These imperfections, with its rustic or elegant look, give a historical look that can make a table or a bench seem extraordinary. More new wood is another option. Who has experienced eyes can find it on the floor of a furniture industry or a construction site.

If you plan to reuse reclaimed wood floors to build a side table or make a new floor for your game room, there are some general rules to follow to get the best product possible. Experts say the best thing to do, however, is to first look at logging sites. This measure may reduce spending, according to vice president and owner of Wood Expressions Fine Custom Cabinetry Inc. of Phoenix. “These pieces are usually obtained from old barns, sunken warships in rivers, or telephone poles and railway sleepers,” she says.

Furniture stores, construction companies and move arias are wooden gold mines for material of reclaimed wood floors. These companies produce a lot of junk, and most of them are happy to have someone to take your junk away, says Anita Lang, founder and executive director of the Interior Motives Inc.

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