Recover Mid Century Lounge Chair

Luxury Mid Century Lounge Chair

Recover Mid Century Lounge Chair – to recover mid century lounge chair the first steps is clean the leather mid century lounge chair with a special leather cleaner. Pour the liquid on a chamois and work on the leather in a circular motion. Go over the doctrine a second time with a cloth, polish the leather and wipe away any excess cleaner. Second treat rips and tears with the adhesive in the leather repair kit. The adhesive on one side of the tear and on the other side against the adhesive. Keep the leather pieces together until the glue dries and hides the original damage.

Third Knit three leather conditioner around the mid century lounge chair  with a chamois. Gently buff the conditioner on the leather in a circular motion. Rub a second cloth over the leather, removing the excess conditioner and bringing back the natural shine of the leather. And the last is The polyurethane paint stain on the repaired portions of the plywood, with the aid of the sponge brush. Apply a thin layer and once dried, lightly sand it with sandpaper. Add at least three thin layers of sand between each layer of olyurethane. The stain restores the natural luster of the plywood base century lounge chair.

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