Rectangle Mosaic Backsplash Tile

Mosaic Backsplash Tile Beautiful

Mosaic backsplash tile – Modern backsplashes follow some rules and can be formed of many different materials. Look to the existing decor of your home before you commit to anything. For example, if your home already has multiple colorful contacts, you want something subtle, but a home with a broadly neutral background will welcome a colorful mosaic backsplash tile. Bring home samples to help you decide on colors and patterns to create an optimal look.


Rectangular tiles laid in a brick-like pattern called Metro style. Create a Metro-style mosaic of colored glass plates. Although you can see rectangular tiles in sheets that go together in a seamless way, you can also look for a varied range in a variety of colors for a random mosaic. Or look for the white subway tiles and randomly assigned to have tiles with modern or traditional designs. Moroccan, Greek, Italian and other old-fashioned plates are ideal for this type of mosaic.

Glass Tile

Glass plates are a good choice for modern mosaic backsplash tile. Like the rectangular tiles, mosaics come in sheets. One idea is to create rectangular mosaic panels of glass tiles cut into thirds. Create a pattern of cut sheets mosaic and larger rectangular glass plates of contrasting or complementary color. For watery teal and blue glass mosaic tile, select a lime green rectangular tiles that add variety to the backsplash. Creating a pattern of two rows of rectangular plates and a single line of the cut mosaic sheet.

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