Reflective Window Shades Ideas

Beautiful Reflective Window Shades

Reflective Window Shades Ideas – Windows offer views, daylight and passive solar heating of buildings. But too much sun or sun at the wrong time of day or year, leading to overheating, reduced unnecessary cooling costs and comfort. Reflective window shades control sun into windows to prevent overheating and excessive cooling costs.

Reflective window shades are colored white on one side to reflect heat away, and black on the other to absorb heat. In the summer, should the reflective side face out to bounce off the heat? In winter, they can be used to absorb solar energy and bounce interior heat back into. Unfortunately, to be effective, these shades must be pulled all the time, which limits the natural light and views. These window shades are most effective on the south and west windows.

The reflective window shades an attractive kind of window treatment. Reflective window shades provide interior sun while your beautiful view. They allow diffused light into a room at the same time protect the furniture from UV rays. The reflective nature of the reflective window shades helps protect furniture and fabrics, reduce glare and reduce heat gain. Reflecting shades are ideal for residential or commercial office, media room or space with obvious sunlight.

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