Removable Wooden Window Grids


Window grids – Wooden window grilles can add details to the windows in your home. Cut two stiles for each removable grill. Saw two rails boards for each removable grille using a miter saw. Route a slit at both ends of each style. Route a spigot at the end of each rail. Measure and mark the center of each rail and style. The grid will have a vertical and horizontal cross in the middle to create four divisions on the window.

Mount rails and stents together. Measure and cut the width and height of the assembly. Set up table saw to make slices. Make an incision in the middle of one side of the vertical and horizontal window grids. Insert molding edge slightly into the router table. Place a drop of glue on each grille piece and lock them together to from a cross. Insert the ends horizontal grille piece of the mortises in the middle of Stiles.

Clamp the assembly together. Allow the glue to dry. Remove clamps. Sand the removable grille assembly with fine-grit sandpaper. Apply a wood finish and let it dry before continuing. Insert removable window grids in the window open. Readjust buttons 6 inches from the top and bottom of the grill on each side. Screw back the buttons in place.

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