How to Remove Glue from Sticky Tile Flooring

White Sticky Tile Flooring

Sticky tile flooring – Removing old glue underneath the floor tiles is a challenging job. The adhesive used for securing tiles usually has a great job of holding them in place. When you decide to upgrade to a newer style of flooring you can simply remove the tiles are part of the problem. Part of the adhesive is often remaining on the floor after removal of the tile making an uneven surface. The uneven surface makes it difficult if not impossible for you to your new carpet. However, there are ways this stubborn glue.

Remove glue from sticky tile flooring, Stick the adhesive remover to the adhesive covered area. Read all label instructions for your adhesive remover. Working in a small area for maximum efficiency. Allow to penetrate the adhesive remover the old adhesive according to the instructions on the label.

Remove glue from sticky tile flooring, Scrape off the loose glue. Swipe up and safe removal of the debris following the instructions on the label of the glue remover. Repeat the application of the adhesive remover as needed to the removal of the glue from the entire area. Scrape off stubborn glue and dispose of it properly. Clean up all the tools according to the instructions on the label for your adhesive remover.

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