Removing the Accordion Glass Doors

Accordion glass doors interior

Accordion glass doors – Accordion glass doors are not very popular among homeowners. Many homeowners who have decided accordion glass door replace a door in the most modern door. Removing the old door is not difficult and requires nothing more than common household tools. Close the door 1 through opening accordion glass door so that the door surface is flat. Locate the side of the door where it attaches to the wall or shower. Use one hand to push the attachment side of the back door slightly to access the screws on the side track. Use a screwdriver to remove all screws found inside the side track. Open the accordion glass door and push it all the way to one side of the wall.

Standing on a stool to locate the screws on the accordion. This track can be installed on the ceiling. Use one hand to push the door against the back of the top track. Use your other hand to remove the remaining screws with the screwdriver. Separate the upper ceiling track. Prepare the door to be replaced. If you have not bought a new door, a good idea to consult with an expert or ask types of doors is suitable for use in your home. Do what is requested by the expert’s door.

Measure your door first. Do not buy a door whose size is great if you are a small door. Do not buy a small door if you large size doors. Buy doors with good quality; throw it off the price because quality is the most important. Now you can easily remove the accordion glass doors by following the instructions described in this article. Ask for instructions to the experts if you still feel unsure of the instructions we have given. Good luck at home.

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