Best Cork Floor Tiles

Removing Cork Floor Tiles

Cork floor tiles – has maintained its reputation as a durable floor covering since its inception in the 1920s Made from the bark of the cork oak, cork tiles is lightweight, free and allergy friendly. Unmeaning in recent years generations of ground cork tiles is often replaced by homeowners seeking a more modern look. Because of the strong glue that is used to bond the cork tile underground, retirement can be a challenge.

Assess the link has its cork floor tiles with the subsoil below. If you have found that some of the pieces of cork flooring are throwing away the subsoil, a mallet and chisel probably be enough to separate cork tiles from underground. the addition of a heat gun or not, will be required. Use a knife to make a division between two tiles. Put your chisel between the newly separated cork tiles and start chipping away at one of them. Slide the chisel between the cork tiles and subsoil, like going loosening the glue.

Apply heat to cork floor tiles using a heat gun. The heat will soften the adhesive, making it easier chiseling. It will need to work in small sections and backward switching between applying heat and using the chisel. Scrape any remaining adhesive subsurface using a paint scraper. For stubborn glue, use the heat gun again to soften up. Sweep the area to remove any dust and debris that has fallen by the process of removing cork tiles. Clean the ground with gentle washing liquid and water in a bucket and brush. Allow the floor to dry air.

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