Modern Wall Mount Faucet

Repair Your Leaky Wall Mount Faucet

Wall mount faucet – Repair your leaky wall mount faucet. Turn off your water supply and remove the screws holding the handle of your faucet stem. Pull the lever on your faucet stem. Use a wrench to turn the packing nut in a clockwise motion. Insert the handle and packing nut in a safe place where you can easily remember them.

Repair your leaky wall mount faucet, Continue the rotation until the tap stem comes out. Remove the center screw of your faucet stem, which can be found on its bottom. Take the washer when removing the center screw. The disk is usually black, flat, and cone-shaped and consists of soft plastic. Check your faucet stem, if the washing machine area has corroded spots. If there is a greater corrosion on your faucet stem, then you need to replace it. Observe the area that surrounds your faucet body as you closed your faucet. Observe, if there are corroded spots in the tap seat and replace it with a new one if the tap seat has corrosion.

If you doubt your handyman skills, then hire a professional plumber. But it is better if you want to learn about how to fix your leaky wall mount faucet, because it will save you money. To learn how to do things on your own is beneficial in the long run, and it serves as enjoyable hobby as well.