Repairing a Reclining Swivel Lounge Chair

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Repairing a Reclining Swivel Lounge Chair

Swivel lounge chairs are the ultimate in comfort. They allow you to turn to talk to people while watching TV or working on the computer. For people with back problems, which can be a life saver when you are sitting upright in a lounge chair it is too painful. Because they are so popular for home use, which sometimes need to be repaired. to repairing a reclining swivel lounge chair, Most reclining problems stem from improper use resulting in a broken hinge, which makes rotate the lounge chair difficult. Call the manufacturer of your recliner to order a new swivel to replace broken or cracked swivel.

Place the swivel lounge chair head to remove the base of the swivel lounge chair. Push down the locking system to disengage the base or, if fixed with screws, unscrew the swivel base. Check the swivel clips to see if they break. If the kneecap does not move at all then chances are broken. Lift the turntable rotates with a lever and turn off.

Clips Pop out by sticking a screwdriver into the base of the clips. Clean any swivel clips that are still trapped in the timber. Take new clips package swivel lounge chair parts replacement. Turn the new clips on the base. Press the rotary clips with a hammer or rubber mallet. Place the new swing arm clips. Move swivel around to make sure it moves. Replace the base of the lounge chair in the new orientation.

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