Large Stained Glass Ceiling Fan

Replacing the Stained Glass Ceiling Fan

Stained glass ceiling fan – Depending on the type of fan that owns the procedure for replacing the glass cover your ceiling fan can vary from fan to fan. Luckily, replacing the glass cover on the ceiling fan is easy to do by first locating a suitable replacement coverage and then switch out with the old. In some cases, you may want to update your new style fan with a cover glass to improve or change the appearance of your fan too.

Determine if the glass screen of stained glass ceiling fan is shaped like a cup or bowl shaped. These are the two common designs in almost all ceiling fans that use glass covers.  Use a flathead screwdriver or simply try each of the screws holding the cup shaped cover in place. You do not have to remove the screws completely; just enough to loosen the glass cover easily slides out.

Replace the cover glass cup shaped with the new cover and tighten the screws turning clockwise.  Unscrew the lower knob glass cover, if you are dealing with a bowl shaped shadow. This command is usually plastic and should reveal another nut and washer holding the cover stained glass ceiling fan in place.  Use pliers or a small adjustable wrench to remove the nut and washer. Be careful to keep the glass cover to prevent it from falling on you.

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