Retaining Walls Backyard

Retaining Walls: Charm to Your Backyard

Retaining walls – it can add a touch of charm to the backyard of your home while giving a rustic appearance and protection. A well-built wall will not only look good decoratively and can be highlighted by the diversity of materials that can be constructed that is can be constructed of wood, old railroad ties, concrete blocks, natural stone and others.

If I was looking to do something simpler to do it yourself then I recommend using DIY materials or prefabricated concrete stones would be a good choice to build retaining walls you can use different techniques. There are three basic styles: dry stacked, battered stones and concrete block. Dry stacked: They are constructed with natural or manufactured stone. When natural stones for this type of professional work are used it is advisable to make a solid wall before placing.

Battered Stones retaining walls: give a rustic touch to the patio and no matter where placed as they are made with blocks stacked one behind the other must take into account that each row is placed in the shape and size. The concrete block: in this case the walls meet in a poured concrete foundation. Reinforcement bars embedded in the base extend the full height of the wall to look uniform.

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